• €27.00
PHILANTHROPY is the new album by composer Volker Bertelmann aka HAUSCHKA.
An occasion for celebration and reflection, PHILANTHROPY is a carefully considered but jubilantly improvised response to recent years, with its philosophically-inclined but approachable and compassionate creator at the peak of his compositional powers. Most of the record was recorded alone on his piano in his studio, beginning in the summer of 2022, though Bertelmann never restricts his use of his instrument to its keys. Throughout the album, he employs a Turkish davul drum, as well as different types of synthesizers. There are also contributions from cellist Laura Wiek and violinist Karina Buschinger, as well as Múm’s drummer Samuli Kosminen. HAUSCHKA unquestionably displays “a love of humankind” through the compassion and openness of his new music. PHILANTHROPY re-imagines the potential of the prepared piano for the 21st century - a technique that involves inserting objects between the instrument’s strings or onto its hammers to expand its sonic and operative possibilities. Dominated by his ever-changing but distinctive sound, the Academy Award and BAFTA-winning Volker Bertelmann released his 15th HAUSCHKA album PHILANTHROPY on October 20th 2023.